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Big Horse Spotted Corn (16 gram/ 100+ count)

Big Horse Spotted Corn (16 gram/ 100+ count)

This is the most genetically diverse corn that we have been able to find:  cobs are 8 row, 10 row, even 12 row, in a variety of colors, most commonly white with purple speckles, solid white, solid purple, black, blue, and rarely, red with speckles as well.  This is the corn that the people of the Osage nation were groing on this very land, pre-contact, and it has been my great honor to reintroduce this seed to the land where it belongs.  Big Horse makes a flavorful tortilla or tamales, a superior whiskey (we are told) and has another surprise in store:  Fresh ears may be roasted and served with butter, just like sweet corn .. delicious!  Our seed is grown fresh each season, with no fertilizer aside from what the ducks leave as they stalk through the corn patch hunting pesticide free grasshoppers to eat.  Big Horse corn is not immune to disease,pest, or drought pressure, but it IS resiliant, and fares well in a naturally maintained garden.  Our undyed natural fibre envelopes contain 16 grams of seed each - just a little over 100 seeds in each 100% biodegradable packet.  Sow no less than 4 rows, plants spaced 1 foot apart.  Germination rate is high, no need to overplant and thin.  For best results, hand pollinate in the morning, just as the plants are releasing their pollen .. don't be surprised if there are a few bumblebees out there with you .. corn pollen is a favorite for them, too!

  • Directions

    For US zones 2-11

    Sow in 4 or more rows, 1/4" deep, and 1' apart after last frost.  Plants will mature in 90 days

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